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Civil Process Information

The Autauga County Sheriff's Office attempts to serve civil papers seven days a week.  All civil papers to be served must come from the Courts.  The Sheriff's Office does not keep track of papers that are served.  If you need to know the status of your civil paper you will need to check with the Clerk's Office who originally sent the papers to be served.  Civil papers will be attempted to be served several times, and door hangers to contact the Sheriff's Office are left if no contact is made. Information will not be given over the phone as to the type of paper being served.


Out of State Papers:

Out of state paper request to be served in Autauga County, please provide the following:

  • Fee:  $35.00 per paper to be served
  • Check or Money Order payable to the Autauga County Sheriff's Office
  • Self addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to mail the paper back to sender.
  • Attach any special instructions to papers to be served.

Note:  If paper is not served the fee will be returned with the civil paper.

Secret Witness Hotline 334-361-2599 Or Submit Via Email