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The Patrol Division of the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office consists of nineteen (19) full time and one part-time deputies who are the men and women you see daily, patrolling and answering calls in Autauga County.  Deputies are assigned to work twelve hour shifts providing protection 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  The division is divided into A and B Team Shifts.  These men and women are responsible for answering a very broad range of calls from domestic disturbances to homicides.  They patrol the 575 square miles of Rural Autauga County. On average each patrol deputy drives between 35,000 and 45,000 miles annually.

The Division is commanded by Captain Tom Allen.  Each shift has a Lieutenant which oversees the daily operations.  The Patrol Deputies answer an average of 9000 calls for service annually and write an average of 2100 reports.  Patrol Deputies also serve civil papers, subpoenas, and felony and misdemeanor warrants.  



The Investigative Division, led by Chief Investigator Lt. Steve Campbell, is composed of 4 investigators and 1 Digital Forensic Analyst.

The primary focus of the Investigative Division is to investigate reported criminal activity.  The investigators are assigned approximately 275 criminal complaints a year.  The Division investigates every reported felony criminal offense.  Reported crimes include homicide, robbery, burglary, thefts, sexual assaults and vandalism as well as many types of identity theft and fraud.  Our investigators are involved in the apprehension of the suspects they pursue.  The investigators strive to solve as many cases as possible.


Civil Process

Civil Process Division Group Photo Although all deputies attempt to serve papers, the deputies of the Civil Division are tasked with serving the majority of civil papers and court summons in Autauga County.  The Division is comprised of 4 part time deputies who assist in serving the approximate 8600 papers annually.  In addition to serving papers these deputies also serve property evictions as well as transport inmates to a variety of locations throughout the state including jails, prisons, hospitals, probate hearings, mental evaluations, etc.



The personnel assigned to the Narcotics Division are very dedicated to their job.  Their goal is to identify those who commit drug crimes and the violent crimes associated with the illicit drug trade.  These crimes not only include drug sales, trafficking, and operation of clandestine labs, but also include organized crime and money laundering methods.   The Narcotics Division works daily with the Federal counterparts and attempts to work each case to identify disrupt and dismantle the criminal organizations that are responsible for bringing deadly drugs into Autauga County.



The Dispatch Division is considered the “Core” of the Sheriff’s Office.  Dispatch is comprised of five full-time and one part-time dispatchers, divided into 12 hour shifts and supervised by Warrants Clerk Ngozi Agee.   Each Patrol Division has their own dispatcher that completes the shifts “Team”.  A Dispatchers main objective is to protect the lives of deputies on duty by knowing their location and keeping all communication lines open at all times between not only the deputies, but between the community and the Sheriff's Office.  They are also responsible fielding all calls from the community and dispatch deputies to all calls for service.


Special Operations Unit

 Special Operations Unit group photo


The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit is comprised of trained specialists who are tasked with resolving high-risk tactical situations.  Some of the tasks the SOU is responsible for include; high-risk arrest warrants, search warrants, hostage/barricaded gunman situations, crowd control, dignitary protection, and escorting high-risk detainees.  The SOU also assist neighboring and federal law enforcement agencies with search warrants and arrest warrants as needed.

Each SOU team member has completed SWAT training.  Team members commit to rigorous training to develop and sharpen their skills.

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