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Reserve Program

 Autauga Sheriff's Reserves

The Reserve Sheriff Deputy Program is a group of dedicated individuals from our community who wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Autauga County Sheriff's Office.  The program is made up of both certified and non-certified deputies who support the operations of the Sheriff's Office. Reserve Deputies receive continuous training throughout the year, as well as qualify annually with their service weapon.  Reserves must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month, and attend monthly meetings.

The Reserve Deputies help promote public relations with law enforcement in the community; provide security at school functions, county functions, and other events where extra security is required.  The Reserve Program is a volunteer organization who pay for their own equipment strictly on donations given for services rendered.

Receiving no pay for the job they do, and spending time away from their families shows tremendous dedication on the part of the Reserves.

For more information please contact Chief Tom Allen; 

Secret Witness Hotline 334-361-2599 Or Submit Via Email