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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sheriff’s Office solicit money by phone?

No. The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office does not endorse anyone soliciting money for this office by phone.  Any phone calls you receive requesting money for the Sheriff’s Office are probably scammers.  Please feel free to contact Sheriff Sedinger with any questions relating to solicitation of funds for the Sheriff’s Office. 


Will the Sheriff’s Office check my residence while I am out of town?

Yes the Sheriff’s Office will check your residence while you are out of town.  Contact the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at (334) 361-2500 to request an Extra Patrol for you residence.  You will be asked a few questions, and will request a contact person to notify if an issue is discovered.


How do I find out if a sex offender lives in my neighborhood?

Check the sex offender link on this web page.


How do I renew my pistol permit/concealed carry permit?

Concealed Carry or Pistol Permits are renewed every one to five years, depending on the years requested.  These permits can be renewed in the Sheriff’s Office, Monday – Friday form 8am – 4:30pm.  This office is closed on weekends and all State and Federal holidays.  


How do I report a crime or incident to the Sheriff’s Office?

If it is an emergency, Dial 911!  If it is not an emergency call (334) 361-2500, and the dispatcher will then connect you with the appropriate department or deputy.


How do I get a copy of a report?

If you make a report with the Sheriff’s Office you may be able to obtain a copy of the report.  In order to get the report, you must come to the Sheriff’s Office located at 162 W. 4th Street, Prattville, AL.  Only the person making the report may obtain a copy of the report.  You must present a valid picture ID for the report.


I received a traffic ticket from a Deputy.  Do I come to the Sheriff’s Office to pay?

No.  If you receive a traffic ticket from a Deputy you must either appear in court on the date listed at the top of the summons, or pay the ticket at the Clerk’s Office located in the Autauga County Courthouse; 134 N. Court Street. Prattville, AL, Room 107.


How do I find out if I have a warrant?

If you think you have a warrant for your arrest, you can verify that by coming to the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office located at 162 W. 4th Street with a valid ID.  The Sheriff’s Office does not verify warrants over the phone; you must show up in person.


I have a warrant for my arrest.  What can I do?

If you know you have a warrant for you arrest, it is best if you turn yourself in.  You can contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office to find out the bond amount and have it ready before you turn yourself in.


How do I obtain a restraining order?

In the State of Alabama restraining orders are obtained by working with your local attorney.  Once the restraining order is in place the Sheriff’s Office can enforce it.


How do I contact the Autauga Metro Jail?

The main number to the Metro Jail is (334) 361-2600. You can also find general information about the jail and procedures in the Autauga Metro Jail page on this website.


How do I contact the Autauga County Circuit Clerk’s Office?

The main phone number to the Circuit Clerk’s Office is (334) 358-6800.


How do I obtain a warrant?

Before you can obtain a warrant for someone’s arrest, there first must be just cause.  A police report must be filed before a warrant can be issued.  Once a police report has been filed the complainant must take a copy to the Circuit Clerk’s Office and request a warrant be issued for the offender.  The Circuit Clerk does have the right to deny the issuance of a warrant.  Retaliation warrants will not be issued. 

Secret Witness Hotline 334-361-2599 Or Submit Via Email